The Secret of How to Write an Email That Sells

how to write an email

As an individual, think about how many marketing emails you get a day versus how many you read. If you are like most consumers, you read a very small percentage. To ensure your business’s emails get read, you need to use this powerful secret.

We’re giving you tips on how to write an email that gets read, since only content that gets read sells.

How to Write an Email Clients Will Want to Read

Start With the Subject

To catch customersĀ attention you’ll need to start from the very beginning, literally. Having a subject line that catches the reader’s curiosity is essential.

The secret to writing a readable subject line is simple. Less is more! The fewer words a subject line has, the more likely it is to get openedĀ and read.

If you think a short subject can’t convey enough information, that’s exactly the point. You want to make your reader curious about what you have to say.

First Line

After you’ve crafted your very short subject line, it’s on to the first sentence. Why? Over 50% of consumers access information on their smartphones.

Email applications show a preview of the message’s first line, so yours has to be powerful to stand out. Don’t waste this precious space with anything cordial, it needs to be straight to the point.

To reel your customers in, do your homework about them as an individual. Then, use the first line to relate your business to recent events in their life.


The company who is writing the email provides HR services to midsized businesses. Their client’s business has recently grown and needs an HR department.

Subject: Human Relations

First line: John, have you considered how your recent growth could harm your employees?

In our example, the subject is short and the first sentence shows the sender has done their homework. Since we know that John cares about his business, the status of his employees will get his attention.


Once the client has opened the email, the goal is to get your message across as quickly as possible. A successful marketing email is no longer than a few sentences.

For your content to be successful, focus on starting an email conversation. Once your customer engages with you, they’ll be more likely to care what you have to say.

Your first email should be short, sweet, and encourage them to take action.
The rest of the content from our example email could look like this.


We’re happy to hear about your business growth. We provide affordable HR services for businesses of your size.

If you’re interested in keeping your employees happy and sustaining your growth, please let me know.

I’ll be happy to provide more information upon response.


Chances are that John does want to keep his employees happy and sustain his businesses growth. You’ve given him a short preview of what you can provide and an easy call to action.

All that’s left to do is wait for John to respond.

The secret to how to write an email that leads to sales is to start out strong and keep it short. Your emails should aim to engage, not to sell right off the bat.

This way, your company will get stronger leads and more reads. What else could you want? You’re right! You need something more. You need a company that can help you craft emails that sell. We’re that company!

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