Simple Steps to Improve Your Google Ranking

improve your google ranking
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Improve Your Google Ranking

Whenever the conversation turns to online marketing, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is guaranteed to come up. But, what does SEO really mean for small business owners?

Attempting to understand and improve your Google ranking often feels overwhelming for small business owners . Running a small business requires the owner to wear many hats , and becoming an expert in online marketing is one more thing to add to the ever-growing to-do list.

SEO is complicated, but if you know a few simple basics, you can easily improve your Google ranking.


Ensure the content you use is high quality. You can have a lot of content and not rank high if the content is unoriginal. Focus on what your readers are looking for and create original content around those topics.

Mobile Site: 

People are using mobile devices to access the internet. If you do not have a mobile site set up, you are behind the curve. If you want higher rankings you must have a mobile-friendly site. If you have a WordPress site, this is easily remedied with a plugin. Find out more here.


Keywords matter in SEO ranking. What are people searching for in your industry? The right keywords will help people find your site in the search engines, so it’s crucial that you choose the right ones, and not necessarily the same ones as your competitors. Keyword research also needs to be an ongoing task to keep up with the current trends in your industry.


Links both pointing in to your website from outside sources as well as links in your website are important because more links equals more traffic. In a nutshell, links to your websites are like popularity votes, and the more votes you get, the more popular you are with Google. But they must be high quality links, otherwise they could actually harm rather than improve your Google ranking. Here’s some great information about links if this is all new to you.


The more quality blog posts you have on your site, the better. Every time you add a new post, this means one more page for Google to index. In Google’s eyes, this means your site is active and providing value to users.

Our experts can improve your Google ranking by providing quality content. Contact us to help you optimize your site and improve your SEO.

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