Benefits of Business Blogging

The benefits of business blogging are golden. Done properly, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving! But in case you’re not exactly sure what is meant by ‘business blogging’, here’s a quick rundown…

What is Business Blogging?

Your website has a ‘blog’ section, where you can post pieces of content relevant to your niche or industry.  This isn’t the same as a personal blog, by the way, which is often more like a hobby. The blog on your business website is intended to provide interesting, informative, even newsworthy content to share with your readers.

A business blog is seen as a great way to keep visitors on your website by giving them something good to read. But did you know that your blogs can actually drive traffic to your site?

How Blogging Helps Drive Traffic to your Website

If you need information, if you have a question or a problem you need to resolve, what do you do? You Google it, of course. So imagine if someone has a question, Googles it, and lo and behold, one of your blog posts pops up. If your post is well written enough to hold that person’s attention and actually give them the answer they’ve been looking for…you have a potential customer.

So the key is to address common issues or questions that your potential customer might have. Consistently creating this type of helpful content will not only get you more traffic, but it will also get you seen as an authority, a ‘go-to’ expert.

benefits of business bloggingFurther Benefits of Business Blogging: the Search Engines

Google likes big  websites with lots of pages. So remember this – every time you add a new blog, it’s counted as another indexed page. Google recognizes that your website is active, and will reward you by bumping your site up higher in the organic search listings.

The other great news is that once your blog post is ranking in the search engines, it will stay there forever – for years to come. So you will continue to reap the benefits without having to do any more work.

Blogging Benefits Your Social Media Presence

Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on their social media networks. This means you’re being exposed to potential new customers who may not even know about you yet.

And by using your blog posts to fill in as content on your own social media channels, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Your social media visitors are likely to click through to your website and possibly become new customers.

Now you understand some of the benefits of business blogging, one little reminder…

Be sure to add a ‘call-to-action’ that your reader can click, somewhere near the bottom of your blog post. After all that work, you want to try and convert your visitors into customers.

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The following infographic, courtesy of, shows even more benefits of business blogging:

benefits of business blogging

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