7 Persuasive Techniques You Need for Copywriting

persuasive techniques

Your content is beautifully written and error-free. But you’re just not getting the feedback you were hoping for.

That’s because content can’t just be great. It also needs to be persuasive. It should draw people in, win them over, and then motivate them to follow through on your call to action.

Here are seven persuasive techniques that you can use to create a high-converting copy.

Appeal to emotion

Have you ever craved a Diet Coke just because the people in the ads look so darn cheerful?

It’s probably no surprise that emotions often influence or even straight-out determine our decisions.

Use your words to evoke an emotional response in your audience. Make them feel joy, love, or confidence. Even negative or painful emotions like fear or anger can strike a chord with your consumers and inspire them to respond.

Appeal to logic

At the opposite end of the spectrum lies logic.

Logical copy provides facts so your audience has a full understanding of what your product is and does. So, for example, instead of persuading you with images of tan, happy people, Diet Coke could tell you its soda has zero calories.

When your consumers know exactly what they’re getting, they can feel secure that they are making a sensible decision.

Put them ahead of the pack

Why do people stand in line for hours – or even days – for the newest iPhone? Because they want to be one of the first to own it.

Use your copy to appeal to your audience’s desire to be “first” and feel special. Bragging rights can go a long way in persuading people to try a product or service.

Let them know they can trust you

What’s one of the reasons Crest is a trusted toothpaste brand? Because it has the American Dental Association’s seal of approval.

Connecting your brand to a well-established and respected person or organization is one of the best persuasive techniques for copywriting.

Another way to gain your consumers’ trust through copy is by providing evidence to support what you say. Quote statistics. Cite your sources. Prove to your audience that you won’t mislead them.

Improve their social status

Known as “snob appeal”, this type of persuasive copy ignites people’s desire to be part of an elite or exclusive group.

Make them feel that by using your product or service, they’ll be more successful, or they’ll live a lifestyle like a certain celebrity. Appealing to their “snobby side” – their desire to improve their social status – is an effective way to get them to respond to your copy.

Address objections

It’s in our nature to question and distrust what we read. Therefore, it’s a great idea to address any potential objections before your audience has even had a chance to think of them.

Instead of just describing the benefits of your product, also discuss the features that bolster them. In your copy, include supporting data, testimonials, and offers with “guarantees” to let them know you mean business.

Tell a story

At the heart of all persuasive copywriting is storytelling.

A good story makes people feel connected. Involved. Engaged. It helps them visualize themselves using and enjoying your product.

Combine storytelling with any of the other persuasive techniques to create truly captivating copy that will inspire consumers to respond to your call to action.

Putting These Persuasive Techniques to Work

Incorporate these persuasive techniques in your copy to see more interest and higher conversion rates.

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