5 Written Communication Strategies for Writing an Effective Email

written communication

Do you use email to communicate with co-workers, clients and other businesses?

An email is a valuable form of written communication for many businesses worldwide. But in order to maximize the value of email, you need to make sure you are doing it effectively.

Read on to learn 5 written communication tips for an effective email!

1. Be Respectful

One important aspect of email communication is to be respectful to the recipient.

It’s quite possible that from time to time, you will disagree with people in and out of your company. But you should always be respectful and courteous in your emails.

2. Make It Readable

You make your written communication readable by taking the time to ensure it is proofread and grammatically correct.

By doing this, you will also present yourself (and your company) as more professional. It also helps to help your reader remain focused on the substance of the message itself.

3. Focus Your Message

You should keep your emails short and to the point. When it comes to emails, oftentimes less is more!

When you add extra information to your messages, this can make them longer and less likely to be read. By writing a focused message, your recipient can spend less time reading it and can formulate a response faster.

4. Pay Attention to Subject Line

Your subject line is important because it is the first impression for your reader!

Your subject line should provide your email recipient with a short statement that gives them a quick overview of the gist of the body of your email.

According to Convince&Convert, 33% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone!

Including a subject line is also important because if you don’t, it may go straight to your recipient’s spam folder!

This also means you may never get a response!

5. Provide a Prompt Response

When communicating with another person or a group of people online, it’s important that you provide timely responses.

But what is a ‘timely response’?

The answer varies depending on your industry, but studies show that email turnaround time can be short.

According to a study at the University of Southern California, found that “the most likely reply time is two minutes, and half of responders will respond in just under an hour.”

Effective Written Communication

Emails are a convenient way for you to communicate with others. But to do it effectively, consider your audience and always be professional.

By proofreading your emails and making them grammatically correct, this will help you deliver a stronger message. You should also provide a focused message, which allows your recipient to spend less time reading it before responding.

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