5 Tips for Better SEO Article Writing

seo article writing

Despite what you’ve heard, SEO article writing is an art form in itself.

Google has moved beyond looking for as many repetitions of a single keyword as you can fit on a page.

Today, SEO article writing remains different from another form of writing. It requires staying on top of trends set by marketers and search engines.

Lucky, we happen to be experts at writing to achieve SEO results.

And we’re going to share our 5 favorite tips for SEO article writing.

1. Craft an Informative Title

Too many writers confuse a good title with clickbait. In fact, clickbait is the sign of a bad title.

Create a title that is unique while also being useful. You’ll also want something specific so the reader knows that your article answers their question. But don’t give too much away. You want to generate some intrigue.

Informative titles don’t just grab readers. They also grab search engines.

Still not sure what that means? Check out Mashable’s guide to crafting the best titles.

2. Link to Authority Content

Linking to authority content is good.

Sure. But who said that and why?

Every time you make a statement in your article, you should link to an authoritative source.

According to Moz, linking to authority sources gives your piece more credibility. It says that you were not only thoughtful in writing your article, but the advice you’re giving is worthwhile.

You also get bonus SEO points here. Moz also notes that sites who are generous with outbound links tend to receive more links in.

3. Nail Keyword Alignment for Relevancy

Keyword alignment is ensuring you’re using the same keyword phrase in essential points across the article.

According to SiteJuice, you’ll want to stick a keyword in each of these places for relevancy:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Page Copy (including the introduction and one H1 header)
  • Bold
  • Alt tags
  • URL

Aligning your keywords is an essential part of SEO article writing because it promotes keyword relevancy.

Relevancy is important because it allows search engines to determine what the article is about.

4. Break Up the Article with Headers

Have you noticed the headers in this article? We use h2 headers so readers can glance over the article to see what lies inside.

See how easy it was to see what the article is about?

Headers create scannable content. It makes it easier for your ready to grab the information they want.

Throw the keyword in one of your headers to help not only the reader but search engines see that the information they seek is found throughout your article.

5. Find the Right Length for SEO Article Writing

Use the optimized length for all your content.

According to KISSmetrics, the ideal headline length is only 6 words because most people only absorb the first and last 3 words of a headline.

The ideal length for the rest of the post, on the other hand, should be more than 300 words. But remember, long posts (over 1000 words) perform better in the rankings.


Keeping on top of SEO trends requires engagement and enthusiasm for writing and digital marketing.

But there’s no need to go it alone.

Contact us today to order content that both search engines and customers love to read.


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