4 Tips for Hiring a Good Copywriter

Content marketing is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing today.

This strategy focuses on connecting customers with high-quality content that communicates the value of a particular product. Evidence shows that content marketing works. For instance, a recent study showed that websites focused on building content generated almost 8 times more traffic.

That said, while content marketing is effective, it’s also challenging and time-consuming. Writing compelling content requires both talent and research.

So what happens when your business gets writer’s block?

The answer: consider hiring a copywriter. These professionals are experienced in creating engaging copy that will excite your customers.

Here are four tips for hiring an effective copywriter for your marketing campaign.

Ask the Copywriter for Samples

The only way you can evaluate a particular writer’s skills is to read some of their writing. Looking at writing samples will give you an idea of whether the writer’s tone and voice can align well with your company.

Pay attention to the quality of the writing. For instance, studies show that 59% of customers are turned off by poor grammar. If you see mistakes in the samples, you might want to consider other options.

Also, reading samples is particularly important if your business is in a technical field, like software or healthcare. This will give you an idea of whether the writer has the ability to speak the language of your industry.

Start With a Small Project and Set Clear Deadlines

When you find a writer you want to work with, start with a small project. This will give you an idea of whether you will be able to work well with this particular writer.

Also, make sure to set clear deadlines for your writer. This will make sure that your expectations are understood. When you set your deadlines, remember to leave time for editing and revisions, if necessary.

Conduct an Interview

Most copywriters maintain blogs and LinkedIn profiles to give potential clients an idea of what services they offer. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that reading a website and corresponding by email will give you enough information to hire a writer.

It’s important to conduct an interview, even by phone or video chat, to get a better idea of the writer’s personality and qualifications. In an interview, you’ll be able to ask specific questions that will help you find out if the writer is willing to accommodate your business’s needs. You might want to take this opportunity to get more information about what kind of clients the writer has worked with in the past.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to learn about a particular writer is by talking to people who have already worked with them. If you have friends or colleagues who’ve hired writers, ask who they worked with. You could save yourself a lot of time in research.

If you’re ready to hire a copywriter for your business, contact us. We’ll connect you with the perfect copywriter for your company’s needs.

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