3 Tips to Plan for SEO Friendly Content in 2017

seo friendly content

SEO is no longer an option for any business who wants their website to be discovered by clients.

If you’re not investing in SEO – especially SEO friendly content – you’re missing out on an essential part of your marketing mix and dampens your marketing returns.

Being ranked below the top three results means you won’t get clicks.

Not getting clicks? You’re missing out on $$$.

It’s as simple as that.

Here are our 3 tips for planning SEO friendly content this year.

1. Keep It Relevant

Creating content that your customers want to read right now is one of the keys to SEO friendly content.

First, keep the content within your own niche. Don’t write about apples when what you sell is pianos.

Second, use the tools at your disposal that measure what people are talking about right this minute.

Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest provide suggestions for strong keywords. (Keywords are what people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for.)

Then, look around. What are other companies writing about? Do you see a trend?

Identify the trend. Investigate its popularity by looking at the number of shares those articles receive. Then, use your keyword and make the trend work for your own blog.

2. Create High-Quality SEO Friendly Content

You need an engaging article (like this one) designed around the keyword.

The article needs to flow. It needs to capture the reader’s interest from the beginning and lead them through to a conclusion.

Now, quality writing is a solid foundation for a good article. But this is the internet age. You’ll need extra help to not only grab the reader’s interest but hold onto it.

Punch up your writing by adding images and other media to the article.

Add a highly shareable infographic that sums up everything you’re using the article to say.

Bonus: Infographics are also a sneaky and effective way to build links, which doubles your SEO effectiveness with little effort!

3. Optimize Your Content for Rich Answers

Get ahead in the race to the top by optimizing your content for Google’s Rich Answers.

Rich Answers are the text boxes now found at the top of Google searches. It provides a snippet of text from a source that answers the query you entered into the search bar.

Rich Answers is essential for click throughs. It can increase click-throughs by over 114% – even when the Rich Answer link wasn’t in the #1 spot.

To optimize your content, narrow down your keyword searches and related searches. Be sure to also directly answer the question. Don’t forget to use the key phrase in the headline and write the answer in a complete sentence at the beginning of the article.

Finally, best SEO practices apply here. Don’t forget about the basic techniques to boost your chance of being chosen for the Rich Answer Box.


SEO friendly content is the key to being discovered by future customers.

And optimizing your content for Google not only puts you at the front of the queue – playing the game can result in a huge influx of visitors even when you’re not at the top spot.

Want to know more about creating great content that Google (and your customers) will love? Get in touch to learn about our business copywriting service today.


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