28 Boring Words

The following is a guest post, courtesy of Jack Milgram, writer & blogger,  custom-writing.org/blog:

People are very different from each other.

We each have preferences in the clothes we wear, things we like to do in our spare time, books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to, and food to eat.


There’s one thing that “unites” us all.

And that thing is a bunch of the same old boring words that we like to use over and over again.

Sure, it’s natural that we have a set of words that tend to be used most often each and every day. And it’s very convenient, as you don’t have to think twice before expressing your thoughts.

However, there’s a negative side to it.

Using the same words repeatedly results in routine, basic, “dry” speech (whether it’s written or verbal).

Yes, it’s true that there are plenty of slang words and specific terms different groups of people use. And they do spice up the way we speak.

But there are still words that all of us can’t help using. So, we decided to do something about it.

We put together an infographic containing 28 of the most common boring words. And we’ve gathered a bunch of alternatives you can use instead of those words. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

Take a look at our infographic, and you’ll see that replacing some of the common words with more exciting ones does make a big difference.

With these word alternatives, you’ll be able to make even the most regular conversation seem brighter and more interesting.

You’re welcome.

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